FCL = Full Container Load:

FCL is the abbreviation for a “Full Container Load” used in the International shipping Industry for Exporting and Importing sea freight cargo. This term is commonly used to describe an international sea freight service that is designed for ocean freight shipments of cargo where an exporter or importer has exclusive use of a dedicated sea freight container (normally a 20ft or 40ft container). Sea freight containers are usually loaded and sealed at origin and then shipped by a combination of sea, rail and/or road to the final destination.

LCL = Less than Container Load:

When you don’t have enough cargo (or perhaps you have too much cargo) for a full container (FCL), you need our LCL (less than container load) service.

This is a sea freight service which groups a number of customers’ shipments together into a container load and gets your shipment moving without delay. GBS offer LCL departures from and to major ports across the world.

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